Thunderbirds Select Hanley Acevedo in the First Round of the Empire Baseball League Draft

The North Country Thunderbirds made a significant move in their quest for Empire Baseball League (EBL) supremacy by selecting Hanley Acevedo in the first round of this year’s draft. The draft saw Acevedo, a former member of the Toronto Blue Jays organization, chosen as the top pick for the Thunderbirds.

Hanley Acevedo’s journey to the Thunderbirds is a testament to his resilience and skill on the baseball field. Initially signed by the Toronto Blue Jays, Acevedo spent several seasons honing his craft within their minor league system. Despite facing fierce competition and the inherent challenges of professional baseball, Acevedo’s performance remained noteworthy, characterized by his exceptional batting average, defensive prowess, and leadership qualities.

The addition of Hanley Acevedo to the North Country Thunderbirds is expected to have an immediate impact. The team, looking to strengthen its roster and build a championship-contending squad, sees Acevedo as a cornerstone player who can provide both offensive and defensive boosts. His experience in a major league organization is anticipated to bring a higher level of play and professionalism to the Thunderbirds.